TDP Leader Ends Hunger Strike After CM Naidu Says ‘Will Set up Steel Plant if Centre Not Ready’

Hyderabad: Rajya Sabha member and TDP leader CM Ramesh ended his indefinite hunger strike demanding an integrated steel plant in Kadapa district that was promised in the AP Reorganisation Act on the 11th day. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu ended the MP’s hunger strike by offering him a glass of lemon juice.

Doctors had made it clear that CM Ramesh’s health had deteriorated significantly and he must not continue with the fast.

Addressing the gathering at Ramesh’s strike venue, Naidu assured the people of Kadapa that he will bring a steel plant to the district.

While criticizing the failure of demonetisation and the inconvenience brought by GST, Naidu took a hit at the Centre and said, “National parties have done injustice. Progressive states are suffering. There are problems across the nation. The agriculture sector is in doldrums. What was promised to us has not been delivered. “

On the emerging federal front, Naidu did not rule out the possibility of a pre-poll alliance ahead of the 2019 elections.

“The NDA government has failed miserably. Experiments have been conducted in the past – sometimes it is anti-BJP and sometimes it is anti-Congress. As of now, we cannot explain how the alliance will happen. However, nothing has been ruled out as of now. Everything is possible. Right now, we are only worried about how we ill save the country and take it forward, not about who will lead it”, Naidu added.

Alleging collusion between YSRCP chief Jagan Reddy and BJP, Naidu said, “If NDA was really sincere why they are not acting against the corrupt people? You said you will punish them. You said you will bring back money from the Swiss banks and distribute it among the poor. There is no fear among corrupt people. Jagan is a friend of BJP because of his cases.”